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Hen house - 6 hen max

Hen house - 6 hen max

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Provide your chickens with a comfortable and spacious home with our hen house.

With a sturdy plywood roof to shield them from the weather and a chicken wire lower wall for fresh air and sunshine, your feathered friends will be happy and healthy. The large front door allows for easy access and exploration, while the roof door provides a convenient way to collect eggs from the roosting loft. Suitable for any setting, this hen house is constructed with solid pressure-treated timber and galvanized screws and staples for long-lasting durability.

We sell heritage breed hens* at the point of laying with out hen houses. Please email for more information.

Measuring 2.4m in length, 1.5m in height, and 1.8m in width at the base, there’s plenty of room for your chickens to stretch out and enjoy their new home.


Your order of heritage breed hens (Orpington, Black Silkie or Polish) will be ready in 10 weeks. These hens are ready to lay eggs and enjoy the company of other chickens, so we recommend getting at least three.

You can bond with your chickens by spending time with them and handling them gently. They need a cozy and secure place to sleep and lay eggs, with roosting perches and nesting boxes that can be locked at night.

Don’t forget to replace their hay bedding often to keep them clean and healthy.

Feeding your chickens

  • Provide plenty of clean water
  • Feed morning and night


Do you have questions? Are you unsure about buying online? Please give me a call. I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Just call 022-065-7638.


We provide three tailored options for receiving your order:

  1. Pick Up
  2. Standard Delivery
  3. Priority Delivery

Standard Delivery prices are:

Northland: $375
Auckland: $160
Waikato: $135
Bay of Plenty: $190
Taranaki: $435
Gisborne: $365
Hawke's Bay: 455
Manawatu-Whakatane: $560
Wellington: $750

For any queries or concerns, click the red button at the bottom right of your screen to connect with us. We’re always here to assist you!

Quality Guarantee

All our products are guaranteed to be safe, fit for purpose, and high quality. If any product you purchase from us is faulty, we will provide a remedy or repair right away. 

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