• Timber

    My compost bins are built with New Zealand Standard tanelised pine or untreated macrocarpa to ensure safety and quality. This means the timber used in the construction of the Peter and Son Compost Bins meets high standards of safety and quality. This compliance ensures that the compost bins are not only durable and robust but also safe.

  • Compost Bin Lids

    Crafted from the same timber as your bins. The lids are designed to rest atop each bin, these lids can be easily slid aside, lifted, or completely removed as needed. They play a crucial role in maintaining perfect moisture levels for efficient compost breakdown, while also protecting your worms from birds. Create rich, brown compost with our added lids.

  • Hardware

    The hardware in the Peter and Son Compost Bins is all galvanised. This galvanisation makes the hardware resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring it can withstand outdoor conditions and last for many years. The professional quality can withstand a full loads and harsh weather conditions. The compost bins are held together very securely, preventing them from shifting or coming apart.

Trustworthy Compost System

Large Capacity

With a capacity of 512 litres per bin, this system can handle a significant amount of waste, very useful for leaves, lawn clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, paper and cardboard.

Easy Rotation

The removable front slats allow for easy layering and rotation which allows for quicker decomposition by ensuring all materials are evenly mixed.

Natural Aeration

The superior design provides natural aeration, which is crucial for the composting process as it speeds up decomposition and reduces odour.


Made of timber, the Peter & Son Compost Bins are a sustainable and environmentally friendly option, contributing to waste reduction and recycling.


Timber is known for is durability it can withstand New Zealand weather conditions, ensuring the compost system lasts for years.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Unlike plastic bins, a timber compost bin can blend seamlessly into your garden environment.

Heat Retention

Timber is a natural insulator, helping to retain heat which accelerates the composting process.

Beginner's Guide to Composting

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lids made of?

Our animal shelter is designed to comfortably accommodate a variety of small animals. It has been successfully used by owners for dogs, sheep, pigs, and goats. The shelter is also suitable for miniature horses. Its versatile design ensures a safe and comfortable environment for your beloved pets or farm animals. Please note that the suitability of the shelter may depend on the specific needs and size of the animal.

What is the difference between pine and macrocarpa?

Tanalised pine is pressure-treated with preservaites for durability and resistance to decay and insects. Natural macrocarpa has inherent oils that deter insects and fungal growth, making it durable outdoors without any preservative treatment.

Do i need a 1, 2 or 3 bin compost system?

Choosing the right size of a compost system depends on several factors: The volume of waste generated, the garden size, space for a composting system, and the frequency of usage.

What can be composted?

You can compost fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, eggshells, yard waste like grass clippings and dry leaves, and non-glossy paper. Avoid composting meat, dairy, diseased plants, and anything treated with chemicals to prevent attracting pests and creating unpleasant odors.

Does compost attract pests?

If not properly managed compost can attract pests. Avoid adding meat, dairy, or cooked food to your compost. Regular turning and proper layering can also help deter pests. Using a compost bin lid will further prevent unwanted visitors.

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Pig sty, goat shed or Sheep pen
Philip & Jenny Moon
“If I could talk to animals, just imagine it” lyrics to popular Sammy Davis Junior Song.

We ordered a sheep shelter from Tony and were delighted with the quality when it arrived. Sammy Davis Junior and David Bowie, our grandchildren’s ex Ag Day lambs, are also very pleased. Throughout the process, Tony’s communication was first class while discussing the flooring options and delivery. He helped unload and position the shelter which went above and beyond what was expected. We recommend Tony’s workmanship and general approach without hesitation. Philip and Jenny

Planter Boxes
Colleen Flavell
Happy customer.

I am very pleased with the vegetable pods and compost bins that I purchased from Tony from Peter & Son. Excellent communication and delivery and installation was appreciated. Materials used are robust and will last for decades.

Planter Boxes
Happy with this product

I am very pleased with the price, the quality, the service and the design.

Great filleting bench well made thanks Tony

Cape Cod | Chair
Jenny Fowler

We are delighted with our two Cape Cod chairs. They are sturdy and stylish. Most importantly for us they do not budge in a breeze - we live in a high wind zone and wanted something that would stay put. Tony was excellent to deal with and even dropped the chairs off to us on his family holiday to the South Island. Truly great quality and service.

Fish-Filleting Table
Hapeta Flight
Fish filleting/meat bench

Very happy with the bench as I am a hunter so having this bench sitting out by my chiller is very handy when cutting my meat. Nice solid build and like the extra storage bench underneath.
Thank you very much guys.

Bar Table
Timothy Urquhart
Great leaner

Well made, awesome service and highly recommend to get your outdoor furniture from these guys

Picnic Table | A-frame
Timothy Urquhart
Great service

Had to find a bbq table and a leaner at short notice. These guys went out of there way to get them done for Xmas before they themselves went on holiday. The quality is great of both items and would def recommend them for any outdoor furniture you need!

Fish-Filleting Table
Vicki Barton
Fish Fillet Table

Quality build, amazing product - would buy again 100%. Excellent customer service :)

Planter Boxes
Leigh-Anne Oluver
Planter boxes

Great product, very sturdy. Service was exceptional. Thank you so much for assembling and braving the ‘vicious’ dog to deliver🤣 I hadn’t warned you about him thinking you were going to drop just inside gate

Garden Obelisk

Very good communication and service

Best filleting table

Looked at a lot of options before finding Peter&Son.
I wanted more height so I wasn’t bending and space to put fillets as well as room for two to use. What I got is amazing, plenty of space and good height. Thoroughly recommend.


Thanks for your efforts!

Pig shelter

I ordered 3 shelters and very happy with their construction, delivery and professional service from this company. Highly recommend people to deal with Peter & Son.

Fish-Filleting Table
Tony Hubscher

Tony delivered the fish filleting bench for me and I gave it as a gift to my son.

Thank you so much

Had our goat shelters delivered to our grazing with no issues. He was very kind & generous. Will continue doing business with him.

Fish-Filleting Table
Tony Hubscher
Great idea

I am enjoying a few Lion Reds at the fish filleting bench most weekends. The bench is good as thanks.

Thanks for your business

Professional service

Garden Bench | Modern
Michelle Burrows
Amazing work

You accomodated by adding two of your designs together

Stoked I tell ya

Brand new filleting/game processing table on the deck

I love my new compost bins

Thank you for delivery and installation of my compost bins.

Cape Cod | Chair
Dave Bull

Thanks for your efforts!

The firepit looks good

Thanx for all that

Thumbs up

Thanks so much!!! They look great